Q: How expensive is the adoption of Monsanto digital technology for seed retailing?

A: The expense of adopting Monsanto eSolutions tools depends upon your business goals, size and scope, and the level of sophistication you require. The number of users is also a component. Contact your software provider to determine specific needs and match available solutions.

Q: How will digital technology affect seed retail employees, day-to-day?

A: Digital technology will change the way retail employees do business, enable them to provide information to their sales and marketing counterparts in a more timely manner and put the sales process in the hands of the sales professional. Rather than having to key every document that comes across their desk, for example, now it's more of a review for accuracy. Retail employees can be stronger business partners and spend more time building relationships. They no longer have to worry throughout the season that they may have mis-keyed a lot number or product description that's going to come back to haunt them at the end of the season. It's really just moving from stacks of paper and report management into better and more targeted sales closing opportunities.

Q: What kind of employee training is required to adopt digital technology for seed retailing?

A: For Monsanto eSolutions tools, the key is for seed retail employees to understand software system functionality, as per the software provider.

Q: What type of grower communication is needed to move from a paper-based to a digital environment?

A: The results will speak for themselves. Growers will appreciate your adoption of new technology and the ability to have the right product at the right time at the right price. Increasingly, access to digital technology solutions will be table stakes for how we do business in the future, and are available now.

Q: How do I determine which level of digital technology is right for my seed business?

A: Asgrow®, DEKALB® and Deltapine® seed dealers should be using MyMonsanto® to its fullest capability. Start with product and pricing information, and point-of-sale reporting. Begin with the basics and expand into more sophisticated functionality through a dialogue with your software provider.

Q: Once my digital needs have been determined, what should I do next?

A: Contact Monsanto or your software provider.

Q: How will the adoption of digital technology impact my customers?

A: Your customers will benefit from having more productive, real-time conversations with their retail salesperson. They will be more likely to get the seed they want when they want it, and be confident they've been billed correctly.

Q: Are there security issues related to doing business in an electronic business environment and how should they be managed?

A: All of your data will continue to be housed in your system, or by your software provider.

Q: How can I ensure the information stored in my e-business environment isn't lost, or destroyed?

A: Some software providers offer a cloud-based, or hosted solution. Backups on a regular basis are key. This may be a component of what you ask your software providers to include, and there may be an incremental cost

Q: Where can I get more information on making e-business work for my seed business?

A: For more information on MyMonsanto®, please contact your Monsanto Customer Operations Specialist at 1-800-335-2676 or Product Support at 1-800-768-6387. For more information on SeedTrak®, please contact SeedTrak Support at 1-888-355-1238. For more information on Monsanto eConnectivity, please contact:
  • Greg Erler at 314-694-2931
  • Kim Flaugher at 314-694-7330
  • Your software provider or
  • Your Monsanto Sales Representative